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Online Registration Help

How do I connect Jackrabbit to my website?  How do I get started with online registrations?  

Start right here! Read this page and then pick the module you want to begin with.  

 Watch a short video that summarizes the four modules quickly: Online Integration Overview Video

Print out this Getting Started Checklist to help keep you organized - it ties in with the set-up Steps listed in this guide section for implementing each of the modules.

The "Online Bundle" included in your monthly subscription consists of 4 "modules" as listed below. In order to integrate (display and use) these on your website, Jackrabbit provides links or HTML codes that you (or your webmaster) place into your web editor. The Online Bundle is designed in such a way that you can choose to use any combination, or all four, of the modules. Remember, each website is unique and it is your webmaster who can add "flair" to your integrations. Also, Jackrabbit has an Integration Specialist that can assist you or your webmaster with set up on any of these modules - for free! (See the Integration Assistance page after you have reviewed the FAQs for the particular module).


WILL MY WEBSITE WORK WITH JACKRABBIT?  As long as your website will allow you to LINK to another external webpage, you can use all four modules.

(The Class Listing module is designed to be scripted into your own webpage, but, if your website doesn't allow scripting, you can still use an alternate version of it).

Don't have a website? No problem!   You can still use basic versions of all four of our modules - check out how in this ALL EARS BLOG.
You can even take it a step further by adding your class schedules to your Facebook page by using Facebook Custom Tabs

The four online modules are:

  • Registration Form: For new customers to create an account online - handles multi-student, multi-class submission on a customizable one page form - includes legal agreements and payment information
  • Customer Portal: The most comprehensive portal available - allows your existing customers to manage their account online - you control the options available
  • Class Listings Tables: Display your class offerings in real-time on your own webpages - an AWESOME Jackrabbit exclusive - your customers will LOVE these - fully customizable
  • Event Registration: A calendar format displays special Events - includes registration capabilities
< Click to view a snapshot of an integration flow chart

You control the colors on all forms - design your forms to match your existing website theme for a unified and professional online presentation.

The pages below provide all set up and usage instructions. Also see the Website Examples page for inspiration and ideas.

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