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ePayments (eCommerce) Help

EPayments, or online payments, are credit card and or bank account draft payments transmitted electronically over the internet. This is also referred to as eCommerce. Jackrabbit makes processing ePayments easy. From your Jackrabbit database, you can initiate a payment for a single family or process payments for multiple families in a batch. Jackrabbit transmits the ePayment(s) for processing and records the transaction on the family's account, updating the balance for approved payments. The details from the merchant processor are recorded in the transaction details. This all happens in seconds and in one step!  

In order to process ePayments from your Jackrabbit database you must have both a gateway account and a merchant processing account with one of our Payment Partners. We have partnered with two payment providers and have written code for both to offer you a choice for your online payments solution in Jackrabbit. There are no additional Jackrabbit fees for processing ePayments from within your database, however, there are fees associated with the gateway and merchant processing accounts. Our Payment Partners offer meet or beat pricing guarantees!


Zippy Alert!
 Your first step in getting started with this time saving feature is to contact one of our Payment Partners who will work with you to get your accounts set up. See also Set up ePayments.


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