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Getting Started   Best Practices & Procedures     ePayments in Jackrabbit

The Basics 

  All Ears Blog - Get Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks
  How ePayments Work

Organization Set Up

  Facebook Users Group - Learn from the Community
  Set up ePayments       

Customize Drop-down Lists

  Registrations are Starting - Managing the Deluge!
  Using ePayments  

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Online Integration   Staff Portal    Emailing in Jackrabbit
Web Registration Form       Attendance in the Staff Portal       Send a Mass Email    
Class Listings Tables     Time Clock     Schedule an Email   
Parent Portal     Skills/Levels in the Staff Portal     Email Attachments and Images
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System Settings   System Management 
  Executive Dashboard 
Organization Default Settings    The System Administrator
  Weekly View     
Drop-down Lists     Manage Users    Alerts 
Additional Database Settings     Manage Locations     Revenue Summary 
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Families    Students    Classes 
Add, Edit, Delete Families       Add, Edit, Delete Students      Work with Group Classes 
Merge Duplicate Families    Enroll / Register Students   Calendars / Schedules  
Active vs Inactive Families   Drop & Transfer Students   Transition to a New Session  
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Transactions    Lead File   Staff / Instructors
Post a Fee / Bill a Customer   Add a Lead
  Add, Edit, Delete Staff
Post a Payment   Restore a Lead
  Staff Availability/Exceptions
Post a Refund   Contact Leads
  Staff Skills
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  Texting in Jackrabbit   Point of Sale / Store 
Find Reports  
  Texting Setup
  Store Set Up   
Work With Reports     Opting-In Contacts & Students
  Item Barcodes   
Search Reports 
  Sending Text Messages
  Make a Sale   
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Events    Costume/Apparel Management   Recital Management
Add an Event   Add Costumes to Classes      Create a Recital    
Event Registration/Enrollment
  Settings, Vendors & Size Charts   Add Classes / Students
Post Event Fees   Create Orders / Purchase Orders   Recital Programs
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QuickBooks Integration    Import your Data   Other Articles
Financial Integration
  Importing your Data      Troubleshoot Computer Issues
Clock Integration
  Data Requirements
  Pricing & Billing  
QuickBooks FAQ     Import FAQs
  Privacy Policy  
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General FAQ

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